Weider Prime Review – Decent Quality Test Booster for Strict Budgets


Weider Prime Review

In this review I explain why Weider Prime is a low cost, rather good quality testosterone booster that you should consider giving a try.

I am not a fan of most multi-ingredient testosterone boosters so I was shocked when I discovered Weider Prime at my local costco.

At first I actually snickered to myself as I figured it would be filled with the same typical unproven and overhyped Fenugreek and D-Aspartic Acid.

I was pleasantly surprised when I took a look at the ingredients and saw a mix of good overall health ingredients combined with a healthy dose of proven testosterone booster Ashwagandha KSM-66®

Weider Prime is not even in the same universe of overall strength and effectiveness that Alpha Wolf Nutrition’s Force X7 can provide but at a rather significantly cheaper price point that is to be expected. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Let’s take a look at the individual ingredients and see why I believe Weider Prime is a decent testosterone booster to supplement with for those on a strict budget.

Weider Prime Snapshot

  • FDA Registered Facility – Unknown
  • GMP Certified – Unknown
  • Made in USA – Unknown
  • Crucial Minerals – Yes
  • Crucial Vitamins – Yes
  • Herbal Support – Yes
  • Full Transparency – Yes

Weider Prime is very vagues on where their supplement is made which is very concerning and for this reason I have deducted 1 point from their overall score.

With that said, they are a well established brand and while I do not like it when I cannot get basic information on where my supplements are manufactured, I will give Weider the benefit of the doubt here that what they say is in the product, is really in the product.

Weider Prime IngredientsWeider Prime Ingredients

  1. Vitamin D – 400 IU
  2. Vitamin B6 – 10 mg
  3. Vitamin B12 – 120 mcg
  4. Calcium – 35 mg
  5. Zinc – 30 mg
  6. Chromium – 200 mcg
  7. Diindolylmethane (DIM) – 50 mg
  8. Ashwagandha Extract – 675 mg
  9. Cordyceps Extract – 390 mg
  10. Bioperine – 5 mg

*Note – 1 bottle gives a 2 month supply

What I Like About Weider Prime

Despite the low cost, this testosterone booster does have a few really good points to be said about it.

⇒ Good Overall Vitamin and Mineral Support

Vitamins D3, B6, B12 and Zinc are all great and delivered in healthy doses. It would have significantly improved the vitamin and mineral stack if they included a few other key ingredients, especially boron which would have been a huge addition.

Again though we have to refer to the ultra low cost price point and keep are expectations in check with what we are paying here. For the cost, the vitamin and mineral support is very strong.

⇒ Strong Dose of KSM-66 Ashwagandha

675 mgs per serving is a very healthy dose of KSM-66 which is a patent extraction of Ashwagandha.

KSM-66 is the premier form of Ashwagandha on the market today and I’ve actually seen supplement manufacturers sell roughly the same dose of the extract without anything else in the product for about the same cost.

This is a very high value addition to Weider Prime.

What I am 50/50 On

⇒ Chromium

Chromium has shown minor benefits in studies for fat loss.

Excess body fat will lock up your testosterone rendering it useless in the body so if you are overweight, this ingredient may help you lose some fat and create more free testosterone in your body.

There is, however, no evidence in healthy men pointing to any direct increase in testosterone so it is kind of a strange addition to the ingredients.

If they are specifically trying to help obese men, Coleus Forskolin would have been much more effective as a testosterone booster but than again that would have significantly increased the cost of Weider Prime so maybe they just wanted to go with Chromium as a cheap substitute albeit I find it a rather unbeneficial one.

⇒ Cordyceps

Cordyceps have been shown to increase testosterone in rats but we care mostly about human based case studies here at iTestosterone because what works in rats does not usually pan out in human clinicals.

I have yet to read any research showing that cordyceps will help boost T levels in humans.

With that said, cordyceps may help lower cortisol levels and decrease inflammation in the leydig cells (testicles) so I actually think rather highly of it as a potential support supplement.

However, the 300 mg in Weider Prime is very underdosed as you would normally want a dosage between 1,000 – 3,000mg.

What I Don’t Like About Weider Prime

⇒ Calcium

First of all, the overall health benefits of supplementing with calcium have been blown way out of proportion and in fact, there is actually some cause for concern with calcium supplementation. That topic is however for another article.

What you care about if you are reading this review is whether or not taking a calcium supplement or if having it as one of the ingredients in Weider Prime will help increase your testosterone.

The answer is, NO!

The only human based study I know of showing that calcium “may” have any benefit in increasing testosterone (study) has received some attention, however there was “no significant” increase in the active group given calcium vs the control group which did not receive calcium.

In other words, researchers found any potential increase was microscopic and not beneficial.

So why is calcium included as an ingredient in Weider Prime? My best guess is that most people think they need a calcium supplement due to the constant onslaught of marketing ads telling them they do.

In other words, it’s a pretty cheap ingredient that may help increase sales from individuals who don’t do their homework before purchasing.

⇒ Diindolylmethane (DIM)

There is a lot of hype around DIM but to date the human DIM Weider Primestudies have varied greatly with little to no evidence supporting claims of a testosterone increase.

In fact, there has been evidence showing it may actually decrease testosterone in humans while in rats it has been shown to lead to histological degeneration of testicular tissues which is something you obviously don’t want.

DIM may block estrogen but it also blocks DHT which is a super powerful estrogen blocker in its own right so the overall effects may just cancel itself out as an estrogen blocker.

Lastly, DIM is frequently used to treat postmenopausal women.

While a nutrient can certainly have multiple benefits and can react differently in men than women, in this case it just leaves yet another question mark as to what Weider Prime was thinking adding it to their testosterone booster.

With that said, the 50 mg in Weider Prime is probably not enough to risk any major negative side effects.

Conclusion on Weider Prime

This is a cheap product at roughly $30 for a two months supply ($15 per month) and it leaves a lot to be desired if you really want to max out your testosterone.

However, as already mentioned KSM-66 is a phenomenal testosterone boosting ingredient and I’ve seen manufactures charge more just for that alone. And you do get some solid vitamin and mineral support on top of that in Prime.

In conclusion, Weider Prime is a good testosterone booster to try if you are on a strict budget.

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Vitamin and Mineral Support
Herbal Support
Cost for the Quality
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weider-prime-reviewGood overall vitamin and mineral support but lacking boron hurts the overall rating. Magnesium would have been really nice as well to give it the full ZMA support complex. KSM-66 Ashwagandha is one of the best testosterone boosting herbs on the planet but there just isn't enough cordyceps to make a significant impact. Just based on the KSM-66 and vitamin and mineral support alone Weider Prime gets a solid 10 out of 10 on Cost for the Quality.