Vitamin D May Increase Testosterone by 20% – Are You Deficient?


Vitamin D3 plays a crucial role in your testosterone as it is critical for inhibiting the aromatization of testosterone into estradiol (estrogen).

In other words, if your body is short on D, you are not only at risk of lower testosterone levels but even worse, elevated estrogen levels!

Our bodies produce Vitamin D when directly exposed to sunlight or more specifically, ultraviolet B (UVB).

Deficient in D

Due to growing concerns over skin cancer and office jobs keeping us out of the sunlight during peak hours, most of us do not get the amount of full body sun exposure needed to produce a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

Deficiency has skyrocketed over the last century to upwards of 77% of Americans now being concerned deficient. (1)

Vitamin D3 also plays a critical role in absorption of calcium and magnesium. Interestingly, magnesium is required to convert D into its active form to help with calcium absorption and prevent artery clogging.

Does Vitamin D Increase Testosterone?

According to the European Male Ageing Study, men who are deficient in Vitamin D have lower testosterone and higher estrogen. This is not surprising given D’s role as an Aromatase inhibitor.

The study also found these men to have more likelihood of cardiovascular disease, higher rates of depression, less fertile and have more body fat and less muscle than their counterparts who were not deficient. (2)

The good news is that Vitamin D3 supplementation in men was found to increase total and bioactive T levels, with free testosterone levels increasing by an astounding 20%. (3)

Other Health Benefits

Adequate levels of D has several health benefits including but not limited to:

  • Healthier bones and teeth
  • Regulation of insulin levels (also important to your T)
  • Stronger immune system
  • Brain and nervous system functionality
  • Cardiovascular health and lung function
  • May lower risk of developing cancer


In order to keep your D levels high, you need a decent amount of total skin sunlight exposure which according to the latest research, isn’t likely happening.

In order to maximize your testosterone levels, you need to supplement with both vitamin D and magnesium, since it plays a crucial role in your bodies ability to properly utilize D.


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