Tribulus Terrestris – Over-Hyped Testosterone Booster


One of the most popular testosterone boosting ingredients on the market, Tribulus Terrestris is big on hype but does it actually deliver on results?

Luteinizing hormone or LH, helps the testicles synthesize more testosterone. It was believed at one time, thanks to a great marketing platform, tribulus terrestris would help increase LH.

However, almost all of the research done on this herb which have shown any testosterone boosting benefits have been performed on primates, rats and rabbits (1, 2).

As I’m sure you already know, your body doesn’t work the same as a rat and despite the many similarities with monkeys, the human body does have crucial and key differences.

This is one of the reasons why at iTestosterone we are so focused on human case studies.

Are There Any Human Case Studies?

There was one positive case study performed on humans with tribulus terrestris back in 1985 and unfortunately, it’s widely promoted today as the “proof” of the testosterone boosting power.

To be fair, this study which used a tribulus extract containing 10% protodioscin did show a significant increase in testosterone (3).

But the people trying to sell you on this study fail to mention it was only performed on a total of 16 human subjects, 8 of which were women. Not exactly a smoking gun!

And since 1985 more scientific case studies have been performed showing absolutely no significant increase in either free or total testosterone in men who are relatively healthy.

Even in infertile men which tend to be better responders to testosterone treatment, there is very weak evidence tribulus terrestris has a minor at best testosterone boosting effect (4, 5).

Does Tribulus Terrestris Increase Testosterone?

There is a human trial in men with a low sperm count, in which it did show a minor increase of erection strength, libido and even a small testosterone boost.

However, the dosage given to the subjects in this trial was a whopping 6 grams every day for 60 days! (6)

It takes 1,000 mg to make 1 gram. 6 grams is an absolutely massive and scary dosage to take.

Few supplement companies recommend over 500 to 1,000 mg a day and while a handful do have serving sizes up to 1,500 mg you have to take two giant horse pills to get it down.

Want to take 6 grams of the stuff? Not even looking at the potential health risks, that would be 8 of those giant horse pills every single day.


Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most over-hyped testosterone boosters on the market. If you are going to take it, we recommend getting an extract standardized to a minimum 60% Saponins.

The more concentrated the Tribulus, the less dosage you will need to realize any potential benefits.

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