Test X180 Ignite Review


Test X180 Ignite by Force Factor is a popular testosterone booster but as far as we are concerned, this product doesn’t provide any real T boosting benefits.

  • FDA Registered Facility – Unknown
  • GMP Certified – Unknown
  • Made in USA – Unknown
  • Crucial Minerals – No
  • Crucial Vitamins – No
  • Herbal Support – Yes
  • Full Transparency – No

What we like about Test X180 Ignite

It has a pleasant label design. It may aid in fat loss.

What we don’t like

Pretty much everything else about the product falls into the don’t like category.

⇒ Proprietary Blend

The herbs come in a “proprietary blend” which means there is no way to tell how much you are getting of any one herb.

Most people think “proprietary blend” means it’s got some kind of magic formula behind it, however, in our opinion it’s just a marketing ploy which some companies take advantage of to pack in large quantities of the cheapest herb in the formula.

⇒ Low Total Dosage

There are only 800 total mg’s in Test X180 Ignite. 400 mg in the “Manliness Ignition Matrix” and 400 mg in the “Fat Incineration Complex”.

Green tea leaf extract is listed under both the Matrix and the Complex.

⇒ Unproven Herbs

The herbs listed range from highly questionable (Fenugreek or Testofen) to zero proven benefit (Green Tea Extract) with regards to increasing testosterone.

Personally I think Green Tea is good for your overall health and I like to drink the occasional cup of tea but no human studies we could locate on men have shown even the slightest movement either positive or negative from Green Tea Extract.

We did, however, find a study on rodents which showed a decrease in testosterone by 70% from EGCG injections.

Humans are not rodents and we prefer to stay focused on human based studies but such a dramatic impact is worth noting.

⇒ No Vitamin or Mineral Support

Sure, you can take a good multivitamin to help cover your baseline needs but it is nice to have some additional support from the supplement you are buying.

There is also a lot of questions about both the effectiveness and quality of most multivitamins on the market. Personally, I want the vitamins and minerals which will best support my T levels to be in my testosterone boosting supplement.

⇒ Dyes Are Listed In The Ingredients

FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1 are both listed in the ingredients.

At best food dyes have no positive benefit for your health. At worst, according to Consumer watchdog CSPI they can cause a wide range of health issues such as hyperactivity, allergic reactions and cancer.

⇒ We Have No Idea Where It’s Made

We looked hard to find out where Test X180 is made and whether or not it is produced in an FDA registered facility and/or a GMP certified facility. We came up with zero answers and personally I find that scary.


Test X180 Ignite is one of the worst products you could buy to raise your testosterone or for any other reason I can think of. Just stay away from it.

Best Place To Buy

I have no clue why you would want to buy this product but if you insist on it, you’ll get it cheaper at Amazon.com than directly from their website.

Vitamin and Mineral Support
Herbal Support
Cost for the Quality
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Robert Clark aka "The Troglodyte" is a 39 year old father of 3, Author, Fitness Trainer, Nutritional Researcher, Obstacle Course Racer, Avid Trail Runner and CrossFit Warrior. He is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals. His extensive work in the field of natural testosterone elevation, inspired the creation of Alpha Wolf Nutrition where he serves as the Lead Product Researcher.