Superior Labs Test Worx Review


Superior Labs’ Test Worx is one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market today but it didn’t fare so well in our review.

  • FDA Registered Facility – Yes
  • GMP Certified – Yes
  • Made in USA – Yes
  • Crucial Minerals – Yes
  • Crucial Vitamins – No
  • Herbal Support – Yes
  • Full Transparency – No


What we like about Test Worx

⇒ Test Worx includes a crucial set of B-Vitamins and Zinc which will aid your body in maxing out your testosterone levels. Many companies skimp on these or don’t bother to include them at all.

⇒ They include Maca Root and Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia) in their proprietary blend of herbs which are two of the most important herbs for testosterone health.

What we don’t like

Unfortunately, there are several things about Test Worx we don’t like.

⇒ Proprietary Blend

The herbs come in a “proprietary blend” which means there is no way to tell how much you are getting of any one herb.

Most people think “proprietary blend” means it’s got some kind of magic formula behind it, however, in our opinion it’s just a marketing ploy which some companies take advantage of to pack in large quantities of the cheapest herb in the formula.

⇒ Low Total Dosage

There are only 950 total mg’s though split between 4 different herbs and 1 amino acid which isn’t a lot.

⇒ Unproven Herbs

Tribulus Terrestris, Nettle Root, and  L-Arginine are in the proprietary blend.

Tribulus Terrestris is a very common herb found in testosterone boosters as there is a lot of marketing behind it, promoting it as a miracle booster.

The facts are, however, the only studies on it showing any kind of significant increase in testosterone were on monkeys and rats.

In human clinicals, tribulus failed to perform miserably with anything less then a dose of 6 grams or 6,000mg and even then evidence for elevated T levels or libido was pretty weak.

Nettle root has only has one study on its impact on testosterone and it failed to increase it.

There was a large scale study done on men with BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and may help alleviate some symptoms associated with it. But it won’t do anything for your testosterone.

L-Arginine will not directly increase testosterone but it does convert into Nitric Oxide in the body and can help with blood flow.

It’s a good supplement to take (although we recommend L Citrulline DL Malate instead) but the amount in TestWorx is minimal at best considering you would need to take around 5 grams of the stuff to have any kind of real impact.


TestWorx has some crucial B vitamins and zinc which most men need more of, in addition to a couple of really good herbs that support healthy testosterone levels.

However, it’s flat out overpriced considering the small dosage of the proprietary blend in which 2 of the 4 herbs, along with the singular underutilized amino acid, isn’t likely to help you achieve your goals.

We believe you and your wallet would be better off buying a B-Complex and Zinc supplement than purchasing Test Worx.

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Herbal Support
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Robert Clark aka "The Troglodyte" is a 39 year old father of 3, Author, Fitness Trainer, Nutritional Researcher, Obstacle Course Racer, Avid Trail Runner and CrossFit Warrior. He is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals. His extensive work in the field of natural testosterone elevation, inspired the creation of Alpha Wolf Nutrition where he serves as the Lead Product Researcher.