Best Testosterone Boosters for Men! Top Supplements & Foods


The Best Testosterone Boosters for Men

We are going to take an indepth look at the best testosterone boosters for men according to science and based on actual human case studies where applicable.

This list will include, in no particular order within each category:

  • Top 10 Best Testosterone Boosting Foods
  • Top 10 Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements
  • Our #1 Ranked Multi-Ingredient Testosterone Booster

Top 10 Best Testosterone Boosting Foods


Turmeric boosts testosteroneTurmeric has been shown to boost testosterone and promote healthy testicular Leydig Cell functionality.

It’s also proven to be a solid estrogen blocker!

As if that wasn’t enough there is strong evidence it can fight cancer, lower inflammation, break down LDL (bad cholesterol), improve joint function, slow down the aging process and increase fat loss!

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Dark Chocolate (Cacao)

Dark Chocolate boosts testosteronePure dark chocolate is packed full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein, polyphenols and flavonoids that can give your testosterone a serious boost.

It’s also been credited with improving brain function, cardiovascular function, strength and is a powerful mood enhancer!

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Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

salmon boosts testosteroneSalmon has the highest vitamin D levels of any fish as well as essential fatty acids for T production.

It’s also packed full of B vitamins and of course rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids which should come from your diet rather than via a supplement.

You do want to ensure you are buying wild caught Alaskan salmon though as there are a lot of concerns with farm raised fish and mercury levels in fish caught in the Atlantic.

With that said, salmon is a low mercury fish so while Alaskan salmon is best, you’re probably ok to have Atlantic once in awhile. Just stay away from any farmed fish.

Brazil Nuts

brazil nut boosts testosteroneNative to South America, the brazil nut is the seed of the brazil tree.

Brazil nuts are high in healthy fats as well as several vitamins and minerals crucial to testosterone production including magnesium, vitamin E, selenium and flavonoids.

They are also a strong antioxidant and can decrease inflammation within the body.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil boosts testosteroneIn a recent study on males aged 23 – 40 just 1.6 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, increased testosterone levels by 17.4% and luteinizing hormone 42.6%!

It has also been shown to improve heart health, decrease inflammation in the testicles, fight cancer, improve the cholesterol profile, lower blood pressure, prevent skin cancer and much more.

You have to be careful about what EVOO you buy though because they are not all created equal.

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Avocados Boost TestosteroneAvocados are seriously rich in monounsaturated fats which can raise HDL (good cholesterol) which in turn has a direct impact on healthy T levels.

They are also a good source of boron, vitamin E and potassium as well as containing oleuropein (also found in extra virgin olive oil) which seems to have a direct impact on increasing your testosterone.

Dark Berries

Dark Berries Boost TestosteroneDark berries such as blueberries, blackberries, acai berries, raspberries and dark red cherries are extremely rich in antioxidants which flight inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of lower T levels.

In general they are also rich in vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin C, fiber and a whole host of extremely healthy phytonutrients.


Spinach Boosts TestosteroneThe health benefits of spinach are well documented and its plethora of vitamins, mineral and phytonutrients all greatly aid in T production.

Spinach is extremely rich in nitrates, magnesium, vitamin B6, potassium, zinc and even omega 3 fatty acids.

It also has chemical compounds called “phytoecdysteroids” which have been directly linked to increased strength!

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almonds boost testosteroneAlmonds have gotten a bad reputation with regards to testosterone but this is based off of scientific studies taken out of context.

Other websites have pointed out that almonds can raise Sex Hormone Binding Gobulin (SHBG) which is an enemy of free testosterone. HOWEVER, the study which showed this was done on women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)!

There is no reason to think that this translates to an increase in SHBG in men or even in women not suffering from PCOS.

Almonds are a rich source of monounsaturated fats, magnesium, vitamin E, biotin, vitamin B3 and fiber.

They also lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol) which is extremely important to boosting testosterone and are a great source of protein.

Beans / Lentils

Beans and Lentils Boost TestosteroneBeans and Lentils are a unheralded testosterone boosting superfood. Rich in healthy fats, libido boosting protein compounds, phytonutrients and fiber.

Beans and lentils help control blood sugar levels and insulin release which plays a crucial role in T production.

They fight inflammation and weight gain. Both of which are major testosterone killers.

Beans and lentils are also a GREAT source of healthy carbohydrates which has been directly linked to increased T levels!

Top 10 Best Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Ashwagandha (KSM-66)

Ashwagandha boosts testosteroneAshwagandha (KSM-66) has been shown to directly boost testosterone by 18.7% and the benefits don’t stop there.

It has also been shown to improve sleep, decrease stress, improve endurance and VO2 Max, improve cholesterol, increase strength and encourage fat loss.

Ashwagandha has been knowns for centuries as a strength and libido booster in traditional ayurvedic medicine and in fact has been said to give man the virility of a horse!

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Longjack boosts testosteroneLongjack, also known as Tongkat Ali has improved testosterone in a clinical human study by an incredible 37%!

It lowers exercised induced stress, blocks estrogen, lowers cortisol and defuses tension.

It’s also a potent aphrodisiac and pro-erectile agent so it may increase pleasure in the bedroom as well.

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Shilajit Extract

Shilajit Testosterone BoosterShilajit is an absolute powerhouse of a supplement!

It’s an ancient ayurvedic tar like (resin) substance which has been used for thousands of years as both a medicinal treatment and to prolong a healthy life.

It is naturally formed at high altitudes in the Himalayas where it is produced by the compression of organic material from deep fissures within in the rocks.

Shilajit is packed full of healthy enzymes and upwards of 85 different minerals, plus fulvic acid which can carry up to 60 times its weight in nutrients directly into your cells!

There are two human case studies showing significant increases in testosterone.

One showed a 23.5% increase in serum testosterone levels.

The other showed an incredible 19% increase in free testosterone levels and 20% in total testosterone levels!

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Boron Boosts TestosteroneMales given a daily 10mg Boron supplement daily improved their free testosterone 28.3%.

At the same time it actually decreased estrogen levels by and incredible -39%!

It works by reducing the amount of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) in your blood which increases the amount of free testosterone in your body.

Boron also helps the body more metabolize vitamin D more efficiently and since vitamin D is also extremely important in maximizing your body’s natural T production…

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Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng boosts testosteronePanax Ginseng has too many benefits to even try to type out here so I’m going to be lazy and just copy and paste the bullet points from our full writeup on it.

Do not confuse Panax Ginseng with American Ginseng or Siberian Ginseng as they are totally different roots and do not carry the same benefits.

Has been shown to improve and/or increase

  • Testosterone
  • Cognition
  • Satisfaction With Erections
  • Happiness and General Well-being
  • All major antioxidant enzymes (SOD, glutathione peroxidase, and catalase)
  • Blood Flow
  • Calmness
  • Endothelial Function

Has been shown to help reduce

  • Muscle Damage and Inflammation
  • DNA Damage
  • General Oxidation

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Zinc Boosts TestosteroneZinc deficiency is really common and low levels of zinc both decrease androgen receptors and increase estrogen receptors.

Athletes supplementing with zinc from NCAA wrestlers to football players in multiple clinical trials showed increased testosterone levels.

Zinc also appeared to protected the athletes from lower T levels often associated with extreme physical stress. Whether you work a physically demanding job, do endurance training or lift weights, you need that protection.

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Magnesium boosts testosteroneAround 68% of people are deficient in Magnesium which is crucial to over 300 different processes within the human body.

Supplementation with magnesium has been shown to increase free testosterone levels by as much as 24%.

While having more magnesium than your body requires will not continue to elevate your testosterone levels further, being that nearly 3/4 of men are deficient it’s best to supplement with it.

Even if you eat a diet typically high in magnesium, just being off course for a few days could send your T levels tanking.

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B Vitamins

Vitamin B Boosts TestosteroneAll B vitamins are important but Vitamin B3, B6 and B12 play particularly important roles in testosterone production.

B6 for example actually has a double impact on testosterone levels.

Ample levels of vitamin B promote androgens which increases testosterone while on the other hand a deficiency in vitamin B can create a hormone imbalance which leads to estrogen dominance.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D Boosts TestosteroneVitamin D inhibits the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

This is obviously extremely important for men to maximize your T. It’s also important if you want to keep your estrogen levels under control!

Deficiency in vitamin D is extremely common and not only results in lower T levels but can also cause cardiovascular disease, higher rates of depression, decreased fertility, increased body fat and less muscle mass.

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Maca Root

Maca root boosts testosteroneSurprisingly, maca root has not been shown in a human study to directly increase testosterone (yet) but I attribute that more to the fact that nobody has for whatever reason tried to study it for that purpose.

With that said it has been shown effective in increasing erection strength, libido and a positive mood.

Maca is power packed with an incredible range of nutrients including plant sterols, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that nourish the endocrine system which affects just about every area of health.

It’s also one of the few food sources of iodine which is directly linked to increased testosterone.

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Honorable Mention Just Missing Top 10

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskolin Boosts TestosteroneIn a human study coleus forskolin increased free testosterone by 16.77% and total T by 33.77%!

It’s also been shown to increase fat loss, stimulate the production of hormone sensitive lipase (HSL), increase HDL (good cholesterol) and lower blood pressure.

Coleus Forskolin has been shown to increase Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (cAMP). cAMP promotes the breakdown of lipids (stored fats) in humans through a process called “lipolysis” and it may actually release fatty acids from adipose tissue and increase metabolism.

Because fat loss is directly tied to an increase in T, especially free testosterone, it’s really no surprise Coleus Forskolin has such great results.

Forskolin is especially useful for men that need to lose a lot of weight as it is a powerful thermogenic.

Based on the case studies this is also where most of its testosterone boosting capabilities come from as well which is why free T levels take the biggest jump.

If you are already relatively lean, it will not be super effective which is why it just missed our top 10.

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Our #1 Ranked Multi-Ingredient Testosterone Booster

Force X7 by Alpha Wolf Nutrition

Alpha Wolf Nutrition Force X7Force X7 is the only multi-ingredient all natural testosterone booster I recommend.

With 13 ingredients based on science backed human case studies, it includes all 10 of our top ranked T boosting supplements.

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