Anabolic Men Shout Out!


Nutrition is fluid in that what works for one person may not work for another. In addition to that, two well studied people can honestly come to different conclusions on a product based on either or both personal experience as well as dissecting the case study information.

That’s why it’s so important to find reputable sources to read which are honestly not trying to sell you a line of bullshit just to promote a product.

Of course every article online has a sales agenda of some kind. Nobody spends the hundreds of hours doing research which is required and writing articles just for fun but I have consistently found that one blog in particular when it comes to male hormone health stands out above all others I have seen (not including iTestosterone of course!).

That is Ali Kuoppala’s Anabolic Men.

While Ali and I may have come to slightly different conclusions on Maca Root and Mucuna Pruriens you will actually see if you read through his articles we are almost lockstep in our opinions on virtually every other herb, vitamin and mineral.

That’s because Ali cares more about delivering factual information based on real science rather than promoting “hot products”.

Anabolic Men is a source I believe you can trust because I trust it too. If you haven’t stopped by his website to give it a look, I suggest you do so and compare what you have read here to what Ali has to say.

Between iTestosterone and Anabolic Men you are sure to get great advice on how to take your testosterone and full hormone profile to a whole new level!

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