iTestosterone Founder Robert ClarkMy name is Robert Clark and I am the founder and chief editor here at iTestosterone.com

I have worked in the fitness industry for nearly 3 decades as a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, researcher, writer and blogger.

In the United States as well as most other Western countries there is a health crises affecting men with regards to testosterone levels.

Whether you have clinically low testosterone or not, learning how to maximize what your body can naturally produce can have a dramatically positive impact on your life.

As men, testosterone affects our mood, physical capabilities and overall health.

iTestosterone, was founded to help men live life to the fullest. While our primary focus is on testosterone, because it plays such a pivotal role in our lives, we are really about achieving an “all out” lifestyle filled with energy, vitality and gratification!

We focus on providing you factual information that is science backed with actual human case studies whenever possible and we tell you when it’s not.

We cut through the swarms of bullshit to provide you with the best information and fully reference our articles so you are empowered to make the best choices for your health.

It’s Time To Go All Out!